Traditional human resource theories viewed human development solely as a company commodity and a means to maximize profit. Yet in today’s economy, we know that the value of professional development, team and culture work, and employee engagement is not limited to productivity and financial gains. It’s time to change the way we think about HR and its power to transform the way we work.

Businesses on the cutting edge of innovation are spending increasingly more of their time, energy and resources on building better work environments. This means creating workplaces where employees from all backgrounds thrive. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are a great place to start, but DEI can and should be built into the foundation of company culture. It’s not a separate add-on or a new training module, but a lens through which we can analyze and improve our systems, our communication, and our leadership skills.

At Integrative Inquiry Consulting, we are a woman-owned business with a diverse team of specialists that focuses on capacity building and agency. Our goal is to help businesses embed equity and inclusion practices into the foundation of their culture for long-term, sustainable change. We have a three-phase process that is designed to be flexible and meet you where you’re at-- we will build off the work you are already doing-- to deepen your impact and train your team to take this work on internally. These three phases are Investigate, Educate, and Integrate.

Investigate. For companies just at the beginning of their DEI journey, or who need to take a step back and see the big picture, our assessment process empowers you with a vast amount of data about your people, culture, and policies. We can help you conduct an Internal Equity Assessment, to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your company's gaps and strengths. This can include any of the following:

• Demographic reports to analyze diversity and track trends of demographic information about your organization regarding race, gender, ability, religion, orientation, and language

• Organizational Culture Map to identify the culture of your organization based on our five characteristics of optimal culture.

• Policy Analysis t to review hiring, onboarding, exiting, talent promoting, and feedback processes and mechanisms

• Focus Groups by identity, role, or departments to collect important qualitative feedback.

This then leads to strategic planning, which utilizes results based accountability, longitudinal design, and curricular threads and goals to create a culture improvement plan and increase the effectiveness and impact of initiatives moving forward. Educate. When you have a clear strategic plan for how to roll out your culture improvement plan, we have more tools to help. Our Leadership, Equity, and Accountability Practice (LEAP) helps leaders reflect on different aspects of their own development to intentionally address strengths and areas of opportunity in their own awareness, communication, and behavior. This is a deep leadership coaching process for those in positions of power that highlights how each individual currently impacts and is impacted by the policies and practices within your business.
We ply most of our trade in training and coaching, where we focus on increasing authentic, transparent communication and psychological safety. Interpersonal skills allow teams to ask the hard questions to insure we address all issues. Our training courses are designed to address the culture, as well as give participants new skills and knowledge to enact change at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic levels. We also offer developmental, team, and situational coaching, to meet all support needs your leaders could ask for. We are fluent in both in person and virtual training and have experience in using multiple tools to enhance the learnings – and we have easily managed numerous cohorts with our team of consultants and video producers, to keep things efficient and effective.

Integrate. Strategic interventions are executed with high need teams or departments, allowing us to dive deep into a particular challenge – whether that is high turnover, lack of talent advancement for women and BIPOC employees, etc. We can partner with your internal team to draft new policies and practices and then train your management teams to embody these practices. Our sustainability plans focus on capacity building for your organization. We do this with a specialization in trainer development, working with your internal team to make sure they feel confident facilitating courageous dialogue and introducing concepts of safety, equity, inclusion, and culture with your employees.

Possessing an explicit educational design theory expertise, our team can build the custom curriculum your organization needs to change its culture. This includes equity onboarding materials, session outlines, trainer notes, participant guides, slides, and other materials that can be branded to you and that can be used in perpetuity.

This work is hard and it takes time and commitment. Integrative Inquiry Consulting is there to help you along the way. We don’t have off-the-shelf fixes; we will get to know your company, your needs, your strengths, and build a tailored experience to serve you. All of this work is in service to our long-term goal to get every client to the place where they can continue culture change work internally, without the support of an external consultant.